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  • Angular momentum coupling [r]: The procedure of constructing eigenvectors of a system's angular momentum out of angular momentum eigenvectors of its subsystems. [e]
  • Characteristic polynomial [r]: The polynomial attached to a square matrix or endomorphism det(A-XI)=0. [e]
  • Diagonal matrix [r]: A square matrix which has zero entries off the main diagonal. [e]
  • Eckart conditions [r]: Equations describing the conditions under which the vibrations of molecules can be separated from molecular rotations and translations [e]
  • Fixed point [r]: A point in the domain of a function that is mapped to itself by the function, i.e., a point x such that f(x) = x. [e]
  • Hermitian operator [r]: linear operator on an inner product space that is equal to its Hermitian adjoint; also called self-adjoint operator. [e]
  • Identity matrix [r]: A square matrix with ones on the main diagonal and zeroes elsewhere: the identity element for matrix multiplication. [e]
  • Linear algebra [r]: Branch of mathematics that deals with the theory of systems of linear equations, matrices, vector spaces, determinants, and linear transformations. [e]
  • Linear map [r]: Function between two vector spaces that preserves the operations of vector addition and scalar multiplication. [e]
  • Matrix inverse [r]: The equivalent of the reciprocal defined for certain matrices. [e]
  • Minimal polynomial [r]: The monic polynomial of least degree which a square matrix or endomorphism satisfies. [e]
  • Molecular Hamiltonian [r]: Quantum mechanical operator describing the energy associated with motions and interactions of the electrons and nuclei that constitute a molecule. [e]
  • Molecular orbital theory [r]: Deals with definition and computation of molecular orbitals. [e]
  • Observable (quantum computation) [r]: A property of the system state that can be determined by some sequence of physical operations. [e]
  • Quantum mechanics [r]: An important branch of physics dealing with the behavior of matter and energy at very small scales. [e]
  • Rayleigh-Ritz method [r]: also known as linear variation method; used to solve numerically eigenvalue problems and partial differential equations with boundary conditions. [e]
  • Reflection (geometry) [r]: In Euclidean geometry, a distance preserving transformation that reverses orientation [e]
  • Self-adjoint operator [r]: Linear operator which is identical with its adjoint operator. [e]
  • Spherical well [r]: A potential that is constant inside a sphere centered on the origin, and large outside that region. [e]
  • Sturm-Liouville theory [r]: A special second order linear ordinary differential equation. [e]
  • Trace (mathematics) [r]: Sum of diagonal elements of matrix; for linear operator T, the trace is Σkvk|T|vk⟩ where {vk} is an orthonormal basis. [e]