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  • Circuit switching [r]: Constituent electric circuit of a switching or digital processing system which receives, stores, or manipulates information in coded form to accomplish the specified objectives of the system. [e]
  • Electromagnetic spectrum [r]: The range of electromagnetic waves covering all frequencies and wavelengths. [e]
  • Information security [r]: The set of policies and protective measures used to ensure appropriate confidentiality, integrity and availability to information; usually assumed to be information in a computer or telecommunications network but the principles extend to people and the physical world [e]
  • Packet switching [r]: Network communications method that groups all transmitted data, irrespective of content, type, or structure into suitably-sized blocks, called packets. [e]
  • Value of networks [r]: A variety of factors influence the value of communications networks, including the number of participants, the interconnections among the participants, and the reliability of both the physical network and the information it carries. [e]
  • Warship [r]: A ship designed to employ weapons and sensors in direct naval warfare [e]