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  • Right-hand rule [r]: Rule for the direction of the vector describing a cross product, a torque, or an angular momentum. [e]


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  • Ampere's law [r]: The integral of a magnetic field over a closed path is equal to the conduction current through the surface bounded by the path. [e]
  • Euler angles [r]: three rotation angles that describe any rotation of a 3-dimensional object. [e]
  • Hans Christian Oersted [r]: (Rudkøbing, August 14, 1777 – Copenhagen, March 9, 1851) Danish physicist and chemist best known for his discovery of the influence of an electric current on the orientation of a compass needle. [e]
  • Lenz' law [r]: States that a change in magnetic flux gives an induced current that opposes this change. [e]
  • Rigid rotor [r]: A 3-dimensional rigid object rotating around its center of mass. [e]