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Parent topics

  • Agriculture [r]: The process of producing food, feed, fiber and other goods by the systematic raising of plants and animals. [e]
  • Garden


  • Drip irrigation [r]: "Is a method that promotes water optimization by using a series of tubing or pipes that feed water into specific plant growing sites. Attached the to the tubing is a series of specific misters or drippers that provide specific amounts of water based on plant needs (Additional drippers can be added to increase irrigation for example). The water is slowly dripped into the plant location thereby minimizing water loss while optimizing plant growth.

" [e]

Other related topics

  • Cutting garden [r]: Garden bed planted with herbs, annuals, and other flowers that bloom continuously or repeatedly, providing a supply of cut flowers for the home. [e]
  • Flower [r]: The part of a flowering plant (angiosperm) containing its reproductive organs. [e]
  • Kitchen garden [r]: one in which vegetables, fruits, and herbs are grown for household consumption. [e]
This is an annotated list of garden types and styles.

Types of garden

Plant/species/genus type

  • arboretum – a (usually) large garden for the display of trees
  • cherry walk - avenues, (see avenue (garden), below) featuring cherry trees are very popular. Some are even famous, such as the ones in Washington, D.C. or the New York Botanical Garden
  • fernery - an enclosed or shaded garden featuring the many species of fern
  • greenhouse/glasshouse/shade house - enclosed gardens for controlling the environment, particularly temperature, for growning plants
  • herb garden - a household garden featuring cooking and medicinal herbs
  • orangery - a garden featuring species of orange, or more broadly, citrus fruit
  • orchard - a garden featuring fruit trees, usually, specifically stone and pome fruit, often a large, commercial garden
  • nuttery
  • rose garden
  • succulent garden (also: cactus garden) - All cacti are succulents, but not all succulents are cacti
  • vegetable garden - a garden growing vegetables for household consumption, laid out in small plots

Garden styles

Garden techniques

Specialised growth

Propagation techniques

Most good garden and plant books have sections on simple propagation techniques