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This article is about Espalier. For other uses of the term Tree , please see Tree (disambiguation).

Espalier is a gardening technique for training and modifying a normally freestanding tree or shrub, so that it grows against a wall, trellis or other structure, or the resulting product.

Espaliers have two advantages: one, they reduce a three-dimensional plant to something closer to two dimensions, and are therefore excellent for gardens with limited space, and they also give the growing plant protection from the elements, and in the case of brick walls, warmth emanating from the bricks.

In addition, some people just like the look of espaliers, and they have been elevated to art forms and points of interest in the garden.

Citrus and pome fruit have been traditional subjects for espalier. The support for an espalier must be strong enough to support the structure of the growing plant; wire and clips are often used.

Vines are not espalier, because vines twine and climb naturally.