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A functional garden used to grow flowers for indoor rather than outdoor display is known as a cutting garden. It is usually only a feature of medium to large residences, although anyone with adequate space can have one, and with some creativity flowers considered good for "cutting", i.e. those to be displayed in bowls, vases, bouquets and corsages, can be grown in pots and containers as well. They are sometimes called picking gardens.

The cutting garden is typically placed in a fertile and sunlit position out of public view and is arranged practically rather than artisically, as it contains flowers for cutting. The cutting garden may comprise a herb garden and ornamental vegetables as well.

It is sometimes argued that cutting gardens can indeed be designed and aesthetically pleasing, but in that case they are not really distinguishable from any other flower garden.

The cutting garden differs from the kitchen garden in that the latter only grows plants and flowers for eating.