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A vegetable garden, also vegetable patch, veggie garden, veggie patch, is a residential garden growing vegetables for household consumption.

A vegetable garden differs from a farm or a market garden in scale and scope. Although there is some overlap among the terms, vegetable gardens are comparatively small, they fit the size and style of the residence they complement, and produce food to supply or supplement a single family. Both a farm and a market garden grow produce for sale to others; a farm may also deal in fodder, cash crops and livestock. Market gardens are generally no larger than that which can be managed by a single working family; farms may be moderate to expansive and may have paid staff.

When veggie gardens grow herbs and edible flowers as well, they may be called kitchen gardens or potagers. In English, there is no strict definition of these terms; they are largely dependent on local custom and fashion, although there is a loose understanding that kitchen gardens must encompass multiple plant groups, not just vegetables, and must be designed with a sense of the aesthetic, not merely the functional rows of vegetables in neat squares or rectangles commonly associated with the family garden plot.