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Parent topics


  • Oscillator [r]: Add brief definition or description
  • Modulation [r]: The process of varying one waveform in relation to another waveform. [e]
    • Amplitude modulation [r]: Changing the height of the peaks of a periodic waveform, such as a radio wave, to carry information. [e]
    • Frequency modulation [r]: Technique for imposing information onto a electromagnetic signal of constant frequency -- the "carrier wave". [e]
  • Superheterodyne [r]: A form of reception in which the frequency of an incoming signal is mixed with a locally generated signal and converted to an intermediate frequency in order to facilitate amplification and the rejection of unwanted signals. [e]

Other related topics

  • Electronic warfare [r]: A subset of information operations that deals with the use of electromagnetic or kinetic means to degrade an enemy's military electronics systems, to be able to operate one's own electronics in the face of enemy attacks, and to evade those attacks through protection or deception [e]
  • Signals intelligence [r]: the practice of acquiring information through monitoring the electromagnetic signals deliberately trasmitted by an opponent, including communications (COMINT) and non-communications electronics such as radar (ELINT). [e]
  • Radiofrequency MASINT [r]: Collection and processing of intelligence information derived from unintentional electromagnetic radiation from targets of interest [e]

  • Digital selective calling [r]: A method to address specific marine radios or groups of vessels, and to send a distress signal, including the vessel's location if the radio is connected to a GPS receiver [e]
  • EC-130 COMMANDO SOLO [r]: C-130 Hercules aircraft variant with transmitters for psychological operations and communications jamming. [e]