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Imagery is a collective term for pictorial information that can be transmitted electronically. It includes still pictures (e.g., facsimile) as well as sequences of individual images that simulate motion (e.g., television).

Imagery need not be what the human eye would perceive. It includes the output of night vision devices, "false color" systems that transpose particular infrared wavelengths into human-visible colors, etc.

Both medical and military imaging share the challenge of combining image data taken with different resolutions, spatial orientations, time bases, and coordinate systems.

For efficiency in transmission, they may be compressed with techniques such as JPEG for still images and MPEG-1 for moving pictures.

Specifically, imagery may refer to:

  • Guided imagery: A process in which a facilitator or therapist, usually through spoken words and sometimes music or natural sounds, assists a person in imagining scenes or objects. The goal may be to induce a state of relaxation, or to reduce the distress of physical pain by transforming it to images that are then diminished. [e]
  • Developing Article diagnostic imaging: The ensemble of methods used to generate visual representations of objects of clinical interest. [e]
  • Imagery (computer graphics): Add brief definition or description
  • Developing Article imagery intelligence: the practice of taking and interpreting visible and infrared light photographs and video, radar imagery, and other ways to form pictures of subjects of interest [e]
  • Stub imagery (psychotherapy): The use of mental images produced by the imagination as a form of therapy for emotional disorders, or to help cope with the emotional impact of disease or discomfort. [e]