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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Bipolar transistor.
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  • Electronic band structure [r]: The very closely spaced energy levels available to electrons in solids, which are separated from each other by energy gaps. [e]
  • Electronic switch [r]: Electronic switches are devices that can stop or start an electric current as a result of the absence (or presence) of a control signal. [e]
  • Fermi function [r]: The equilibrium occupancy of an energy level in a system of independent fermions at a fixed temperature. [e]
  • Field effect [r]: The alteration of the conductivity of a material near its surface caused by the penetration of an applied electric field. [e]
  • Hybrid-pi model [r]: A circuit model used for analyzing the small-signal behavior of transistors. [e]
  • Metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistor [r]: A type of field-effect transistor with four electrical contacts and three layers: a metal top layer (connected to the gate contact), separated by an insulating layer (usually an oxide layer) from a semiconductor layer (connected to the body contact). The gate voltage switches "on" and "off" the electrical connection between a source and drain contact at the semiconductor surface. [e]
  • MOS capacitor [r]: A two-terminal device consisting of three layers: a metal gate, a semiconducting body and a separating insulator, often an oxide. [e]
  • Mode (electronics) [r]: A range of operation of an electrical device set by its bias condition or, when no signals are present, its quiescent or operating point. [e]
  • Schottky diode [r]: A two-terminal electrical device consisting of conductive gate (for example, a metal) on top of a semiconductor body used for switching, rectification and photo-detection [e]
  • Semiconductor diode [r]: Two-terminal device that conducts current in only one direction, made of two or more layers of material, of which at least one is a semiconductor. [e]
  • Semiconductor [r]: A substance (usually a solid) with electrical conductivity intermediate between metals and insulators. [e]