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Parent topics

  • Quantum mechanics [r]: An important branch of physics dealing with the behavior of matter and energy at very small scales. [e]


Other related topics

  • Atomic optical spectrometry [r]: Techniques of analytical chemistry that measure the interactions of photons, in the visible, infrared or ultraviolet spectra, with elements being analyzed, as the materials under test variously absorb energy to excite electrons to more energetic levels, or emit energy as the electrons decay to less energetic levels. [e]
  • Electronic switch [r]: Electronic switches are devices that can stop or start an electric current as a result of the absence (or presence) of a control signal. [e]
  • Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor [r]: A semiconductor device consisting of a metal gate electrode separated by an insulating gate oxide from a semiconductor body. A voltage on the gate modulates the conductivity of a surface channel in the body that connects two body contacts, the source and drain. [e]
  • Schottky diode [r]: A two-terminal electrical device consisting of conductive gate (for example, a metal) on top of a semiconductor body used for switching, rectification and photo-detection [e]
  • Semiconductor diode [r]: Two-terminal device that conducts current in only one direction, made of two or more layers of material, of which at least one is a semiconductor. [e]