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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Affine space.
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Parent topics

  • Space (mathematics) [r]: A set with some added structure, which often form a hierarchy, i.e., one space may inherit all the characteristics of a parent space. [e]


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  • Barycentric coordinates [r]: The weights that would have to be assigned to a system of reference points to yield a given position as barycentre are used as coordinates. [e]
  • Cartesian coordinates [r]: Set of real numbers specifying the position of a point in two- or three-dimensional space with respect to orthogonal axes. [e]
  • Euclidean plane [r]: The plane known from high-school planar geometry. [e]
  • Matroid [r]: Structure that captures the essence of a notion of 'independence' that generalizes linear independence in vector spaces. [e]
  • Pointed set [r]: A set together with a distinguished element, known as the base point. [e]
  • Rigid motion [r]: A transformation which preserves the geometrical properties of the Euclidean spacea distance-preserving mapping or isometry. [e]
  • Rotation matrix [r]: a 3×3 proper (unit determinant) orthogonal (orthonormal rows and columns) matrix [e]
  • Vector (mathematics) [r]: A mathematical object with magnitude and direction. [e]