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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Space (mathematics).
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Parent topics

  • Mathematics [r]: The study of quantities, structures, their relations, and changes thereof. [e]


  • Topological space [r]: A mathematical structure (generalizing some aspects of Euclidean space) defined by a family of open sets. [e]
  • Affine space [r]: Collection of points, none of which is special; an n-dimensional vector belongs to any pair of points. [e]
  • Vector space [r]: A set of vectors that can be added together or scalar multiplied to form new vectors [e]
  • Metric space [r]: Any topological space which has a metric defined on it. [e]
  • Uniform space [r]: Topological space with additional structure which is used to define uniform properties such as completeness, uniform continuity and uniform convergence. [e]
  • Normed space [r]: A vector space that is endowed with a norm. [e]
  • Inner product space [r]: A vector space that is endowed with an inner product and the corresponding norm. [e]
  • Banach space [r]: A vector space endowed with a norm that is complete. [e]
  • Hilbert space [r]: A complete inner product space. [e]
  • Manifold (geometry) [r]: An abstract mathematical space. [e]
  • Measurable space [r]: Set together with a sigma-algebra of subsets of this set. [e]
  • Measure space [r]: Set together with a sigma-algebra of subsets of the set and a measure defined on this sigma-algebra. [e]

Other related topics

  • Geometry [r]: The mathematics of spacial concepts. [e]