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  • Affine space [r]: Collection of points, none of which is special; an n-dimensional vector belongs to any pair of points. [e]
  • Conditioning (probability) [r]: Conditional probabilities, conditional expectations and conditional distributions are treated on three levels. [e]
  • Euler angles [r]: three rotation angles that describe any rotation of a 3-dimensional object. [e]
  • Euler's theorem (rotation) [r]: In three-dimensional space, any rotation of a rigid body is around an axis, the rotation axis. [e]
  • Identity matrix [r]: A square matrix with ones on the main diagonal and zeroes elsewhere: the identity element for matrix multiplication. [e]
  • Kronecker delta [r]: A quantity depending on two subscripts which is equal to one when they are equal and zero when they are unequal. [e]
  • Reflection (geometry) [r]: In Euclidean geometry, a distance preserving transformation that reverses orientation [e]
  • Vector field [r]: A vector function on the three-dimensional Euclidean space . [e]
  • Vector rotation [r]: Process of rotating one unit vector into a second unit vector. [e]