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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Wikipedia.
See also changes related to Wikipedia, or pages that link to Wikipedia or to this page or whose text contains "Wikipedia".

Parent topics


  • Inclusionism [r]: Belief that Wikipedia and other online encyclopedias should include a lot of material that others think should be deleted. [e]
  • MediaWiki [r]: Wiki engine used to power Wikipedia and Citizendium; open source and written in PHP. [e]
  • Wikiscanner [r]: A website created by Virgil Griffith to reveal conflict of interests when anonymous Wikipedia users edit an article. [e]
  • Truth in Numbers [r]: 2010 American documentary film about Wikipedia, directed by Scott Glosserman and Nic Hill. [e]


  • Jimmy Wales [r]: (1966–) Internet entrepreneur and co-founder and head of Wikipedia, and co-founder of Wikia. [e]
  • Larry Sanger [r]: American former philosophy professor who co-founded Wikipedia and founded Citizendium as an alternative (born 1968). [e]

Other related topics

  • Citizendium [r]: On-line encyclopedia project: a wiki that allows registered, non-anonymous authors to edit any article, with the results approved by qualified editors. [e]
  • Conservapedia [r]: Conservative wiki encyclopedia project founded by Andrew Schlafly as an alternative to Wikipedia and its "liberal bias", instead preferring conservative Christian and Republican Party viewpoints. [e]
  • Nupedia [r]: Online encyclopedia founded in 2000 by Jimmy Wales and edited by Larry Sanger, considered the forerunner to Wikipedia. [e]
  • Web 2.0 [r]: A description of the WWW that allows for greater social interaction between producers and consumers, authors and readers of content, to the point where such distinctions become meaningless. [e]