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Nupedia: Online encyclopedia founded in 2000 by Jimmy Wales and edited by Larry Sanger, considered the forerunner to Wikipedia. [e]

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  • Wikipedia [r]: An online encyclopedia in every major language, open to anonymous editing by anyone. [e]
  • Jimmy Wales [r]: (1966–) Internet entrepreneur and co-founder and head of Wikipedia, and co-founder of Wikia. [e]
  • Larry Sanger [r]: American former philosophy professor who co-founded Wikipedia and founded Citizendium as an alternative (born 1968). [e]
  • Citizendium [r]: On-line encyclopedia project: a wiki that allows registered, non-anonymous authors to edit any article, with the results approved by qualified editors. [e]
  • Encyclopaedia Britannica [r]: Reference work published in 27 editions, starting with the first edition published from 1768 to 1771, to the most recent edition printed in 2007. [e]