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  • ActionScript [r]: Scripting language used inside Adobe Flash. [e]
  • Arudou Debito [r]: (有道出人) Japanese human rights activist, teacher and author; born and brought up in the United States, he became a naturalised Japanese citizen in 2000 (born 1965). [e]
  • BBC [r]: British state-owned radio and TV broadcasting organization founded in 1922 under Lord John Reith. [e]
  • Blog [r]: A type of website, usually personal, often organized with posts in reverse chronological order. [e]
  • CAPTCHA [r]: A Turing test employed most frequently in websites to discriminate between humans and computer programs. [e]
  • Cascading Style Sheets [r]: A format designed by the W3C for describing the presentation, layout and other design choices of a document on the Web. [e]
  • China [r]: The most populous nation on Earth, third largest by area. [e]
  • Concurrent use registration [r]: Add brief definition or description
  • Debriefing [r]: Obtaining information from cooperating people, who are aware of at least some purposes of the conversation or written communication, and do not consider themselves under duress in this type of eduction [e]
  • Dummy corporation [r]: A company created to serve as a front or cover for one or more legitimate companies. [e]
  • Esperanto [r]: Artificial language created by L.L. Zamenhof in the late 19th century. [e]
  • Facebook [r]: A social networking website. [e]
  • Gay bar [r]: A licensed venue serving alcohol that has, or seeks to attract, a predominantly gay clientele. [e]
  • JSTOR [r]: A United States-based online system for archiving academic journals, founded in 1995. [e]
  • Lonely Planet [r]: a company best-known for publishing travel guidebooks [e]
  • Phishing [r]: Use of online social engineering methods in order to persuade a victim to part with personal details such as online banking logins, in order to perpetrate fraud. [e]
  • Pseudostate [r]: A term put forward by the author and journalist Adam Hochschild to refer to political states or regions where power rests with a government or organisation either outside the country or in some way unaccountable - for example, a local militia. [e]
  • Publishing [r]: The process of production and dissemination of literature or information - the activity of making information available for public view. [e]
  • Russian language [r]: Widely-used member of the Slavic languages, written in the Cyrillic alphabet and spoken across Eurasia. [e]
  • Science [r]: The organized body of knowledge based on non–trivial refutable concepts that can be verified or rejected on the base of observation and experimentation [e]
  • Sex [r]: Please do not use this term in your topic list, because there is no single article for it. Please substitute a more precise term. See Sex (disambiguation) for a list of available, more precise, topics. Please add a new usage if needed.
  • Web browser [r]: A computer program that retrieves and renders webpages to display information stored on a web server. [e]
  • Wiki [r]: A website that allows anyone (with registration required or not) to edit any page and to add new pages. [e]