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  • Africanized bee [r]: Hybrids of the African honey bee, Apis mellifera scutellata, with various European honey bees. [e]
  • Agricultural show [r]: A public event showcasing the equipment, animals, sports and recreation associated with the occupations of agriculture and animal husbandry. [e]
  • Australian National Kennel Council [r]: Official all-breed kennel club of Australia. [e]
  • Cat breed [r]: Infrasubspecific rank for the classification of domestic cats. [e]
  • Cat [r]: A feline, particularly the domesticated feline, Felis catus, a small carnivorous mammal. [e]
  • Coat (animal) [r]: The pelage of a show animal or a garment design to protect an animal from harsh weather. [e]
  • Dog breeding [r]: The vocation of mating carefully selected specimens of the same dog breed in order to reproduce specific, consistently replicable qualities and characteristics. [e]
  • Dog breed [r]: A selectively-bred dog group with dependably similar and predictable characteristics. [e]
  • Dog grooming [r]: the act of cleaning a dog's coat and external organs both for the sake of appearance and for the animal's health and hygiene. [e]
  • Dog [r]: Domesticated canine often kept as a pet or as a working animal and known as 'man's best friend'. [e]
  • Domestication [r]: The process of habituating wild animals or plants to live in association with humans, thereby providing us with food, livestock and pets. [e]
  • Evolution [r]: A change over time in the proportions of individual organisms differing genetically. [e]
  • Fox Terrier [r]: Small to medium-sized hunting terrier developed to rout fox and vermin. [e]
  • Genetics [r]: The study of the inheritance of characteristics, genes and DNA. [e]
  • Horse [r]: Strong, intelligent equine in domestication for thousands of years and also found in the wild in feral populations. [e]
  • Landrace [r]: A grouping of animals or plants with similar characteristics not yet formalised into a consistently replicable breed or cultivated variety. [e]
  • Maine Coon [r]: The oldest American breed of long-haired domestic cat. [e]
  • Maize [r]: Cereal grain domesticated in Mesoamerica and subsequently spread throughout the world, and one of the most widely grown crops in the Americas. [e]
  • Maple [r]: Deciduous tree or shrub of the genus Acer of the North Temperate Zone, having opposite, usually palmate leaves and long-winged fruits borne in pairs. [e]
  • Miniature Fox Terrier [r]: A small Australian vermin-routing terrier, developed from 19th Century Fox Terriers and Fox Terrier types. [e]
  • Moose (dog actor) [r]: Iconic Jack Russell Terrier (1990 - 2006) best known for portraying "Eddie" on the television series Frasier. [e]
  • Purebred [r]: Cultivated varieties or cultivars of an animal species, achieved through the process of selective breeding of individuals of unmixed lineage over many generations. [e]
  • Sighthound [r]: A classification of dog breeds with exceptional visual ability, sensitive to sight and motion and originally more reliant on these senses for hunting than on smell or sound. [e]
  • Terrier [r]: Add brief definition or description
  • The Origin of Species [r]: Add brief definition or description
  • True breeding [r]: Add brief definition or description
  • Working dog [r]: Add brief definition or description