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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Nazi medical experiments.
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Parent topics

  • Nazi race and biological ideology [r]: The policies of Nazi Germany, based on the views of Adolf Hitler, which emphasized encouraging the breeding of what he considered to be a superior race and preventing the breeding, or actively killing, what he considered subhuman [e]
  • Medical ethics [r]: The study of moral values as they apply to medicine. [e]
  • Holocaust [r]: Nazi Germany's systematic economic exploitation, followed by killing, of European Jews and others deemed racial and ideological enemies [e]
    • Nazi euthanasia program [r]: A secret program of Nazi Germany, in which hundreds of thousands of persons were killed, not for medical reasons but because they were deemed, by Nazi ideology, "life unworthy of life" [e]
  • War crime [r]: Acts that violate the laws of war as they applied in the time and place of commission, or that were deemed violations of law, possibly ex post facto, as determined by a competent tribunal [e]



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