Medical Case (NMT)

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Both dealing with individual criminality and establishing precedent for informed consent to medical experimentation, the medical case of the Nuremberg Military Tribunals, often called the Doctors' Trial, tried defendants for Nazi medical experiments.


  • Indictment filed: 25 October 1946
  • Indictment served: 5 November 1946
  • Arraignment: 21 November 1946
  • Prosecution opening statement: 9 December 1946
  • Defense opening statement: 29 January 1947
  • Prosecution closing statement: 14 July 1947
  • Defense closing statements: 14—18 July 1947
  • Judgment: 19 August 1947
  • Sentences: 20 August 1947
  • Affirmation of sentences by Military Commander of the United States Zone of Occupation: 25 November 1947
  • Order of the United States Supreme Court denying writ of habeas corpus: 16 February 1948
  • Imposition of death sentences: 2 June 1948


Defendant Sentence
Hermann Becker-Freyseng 20 years
Wilhelm Beiglboeck 15 years
Kurt Blome Acquitted
Karl Brandt Death by hanging
Rudolf Brandt Death by hanging
Fritz Fischer Life imprisonment
Karl Gebhardt Death by hanging
Karl Genzken Life imprisonment
Waldemar Hoven Death by hanging
Siegfried Handloser Life imprisonment
Joachim Mrugowsky Death by hanging
Herta Oberheuser 20 years
Adolf Pokorny Acquitted
Helmut Poppendick Acquitted of charges but guilty of SS membership
Gerhardt Rose Life imprisonment
Paul Rostock Acquitted
Siegfried Ruff Acquitted
Konrad Schaefer Acquitted
Oskar Schroeder Life imprisonment
Wolfram Sievers Death by hanging
Hans Wolfgang Romberg Acquitted
Georg August Weltz Acquitted