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  • Achillea [r]: Genus of flowering plants, commonly referred to as yarrow, that are frequently used in garden borders and beds in ornamental horticulture. [e]
  • Agriculture [r]: The process of producing food, feed, fiber and other goods by the systematic raising of plants and animals. [e]
  • Botany [r]: The study of plants, algae and fungi (mycology). [e]
  • Cutting garden [r]: Garden bed planted with herbs, annuals, and other flowers that bloom continuously or repeatedly, providing a supply of cut flowers for the home. [e]
  • Domestication [r]: The process of habituating wild animals or plants to live in association with humans, thereby providing us with food, livestock and pets. [e]
  • Evolution [r]: A change over time in the proportions of individual organisms differing genetically. [e]
  • Flower [r]: The part of a flowering plant (angiosperm) containing its reproductive organs. [e]
  • Garden design [r]: Art and process of designing and creating plans for layout and planting of gardens and landscapes. [e]
  • Geranium [r]: A popular flowering plant in the geraniaceae family. True geraniums have five regular petals. Botanical geraniums are sometimes called Cranesbills to distinguish them from Pelargoniums, which are commonly called geraniums but are in a different genus. [e]
  • Ground cover [r]: Any plant that grows over an area of ground, used to provide protection from erosion and drought, and to improve its aesthetic appearance (by concealing bare earth). [e]
  • Grounds for Sculpture [r]: Museum of sculpture and landscape art in Hamilton, New Jersey founded in 1992. [e]
  • John Muir [r]: (1838-1914) U.S. naturalist and conservationist, born in Scotland; founded the Sierra Club. [e]
  • Maple [r]: Deciduous tree or shrub of the genus Acer of the North Temperate Zone, having opposite, usually palmate leaves and long-winged fruits borne in pairs. [e]
  • Pollination management [r]: Horticultural practices that accomplish or enhance pollination of a crop, to improve yield or quality, by understanding of the particular crop's pollination needs, and by knowledgeable management of pollenizers, pollinators, and pollination conditions. [e]
  • Pollination [r]: Process by which pollen is transferred in plants from the male reproductive organ (stamen or staminate cone) to the female reproductive organ (pistil or pistillate cone), thereby enabling fertilisation and sexual reproduction. [e]
  • Rose [r]: Any of thousands of varieties of shrubs and flowers belonging to the genus Rosa; belongs to a larger group called a family, named Rosaceae, that includes brambles and briars. [e]
  • Sneezewort [r]: Domesticated garden plant from the genus Achillea with clusters of larger, button-like flowers. [e]
  • Southern Highlands, New South Wales [r]: Add brief definition or description
  • Systematics [r]: The study of the diversity of organism characteristics, and how they relate via evolution. [e]
  • York [r]: City in North Yorkshire, England, at the meeting point of the rivers Ouse and Foss. [e]