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  • Agricultural show [r]: A public event showcasing the equipment, animals, sports and recreation associated with the occupations of agriculture and animal husbandry. [e]
  • Conformation show [r]: An exhibition-style completion in which individuals in a species of domestic animal are judged against other members of the species. [e]
  • Dog grooming [r]: the act of cleaning a dog's coat and external organs both for the sake of appearance and for the animal's health and hygiene. [e]
  • Dog [r]: Domesticated canine often kept as a pet or as a working animal and known as 'man's best friend'. [e]
  • Fox Terrier [r]: Small to medium-sized hunting terrier developed to rout fox and vermin. [e]
  • Kennel club [r]: Society dedicated to the welfare of purebred dogs that sponsor trials and shows, and keep purebred registries. [e]
  • Maltese (dog) [r]: Breed of canine in the toy group, known for its silky white hair, descended from dogs originating in the central Mediterranean area. [e]
  • Novelty show [r]: Competition or display in which exhibits or specimens are in some novel; striking or differing in some way from that which is usual for the type of competition. [e]
  • Poodle [r]: Popular and intelligent European gun dog and well-known show breed noted for its curly or corded coat. [e]
  • Show (disambiguation) [r]: Add brief definition or description
  • Show dog [r]: One which is exhibited, displayed or otherwise shown off in a competition or performance, often excluding sports and trials. [e]