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(CC) Photo: Vicki Hughes - Courtesy: MFCA Inc.
The Stockmen. Brian Hughes and Molly winning a dog/owner look-alike contest in 2005.

A Novelty Show is a competition or display in which exhibits or specimens are in some way novel; striking or differing in some way from that which is usual for the type of competition.

For instance a novelty dog show might contain classes (categories) which are humorous, or for pets, instead of or in addition to the conformation classes. Photo competitions can be considered novelty shows.

Some typical novelty classes are “best trick dog”, "cat/owner look-alike", "dog with the most spots", "smallest/largest/fattest/thinnest" dog, "dog in fancy dress" and the like.

Obedience Trials and Agility Trials are sometimes listed among the novelty events. However, these disciplines have gained in stature over the years, and are now often classed on their own.