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This is a list of terms with several uses, at least one of which is expected to be listed under CZ:Core Articles. It is meant as an aid in structuring the Core Articles coherently across fields, and thus the overlap with Category:Disambiguation will be limited. Once all of the entries listed below appear like those on Band, Product and Society, we're done with core disambiguation formatting and can go on to create contents on the different uses of these terms. The list is long already and loaden with templates, so any substantial additions should be discussed on the talk page first, to avoid problems with page size.


How to disambiguate is explained at CZ:Disambiguation.

The goal is to have all words listed here with a blue italic basename (a redirect to the disambiguation page) followed by a green check (indicates the old definition page has been deleted). For example, {{RD|Band}} gives:

Pictogram and colour clues to the state of the basename (e.g. "Band"):

  • Level0.jpg indicates that a disambiguation page has been set up and any old definition page has been deleted.
  • The color of the basename link can be red, blue or blue italic and is meaningful:
    • If basename is red, the page does not exist. Please edit it to contain "#Redirect [[Basename (disambiguation)]]".
    • If basename is blue, this means:
      • A cluster with that name exists (or, if it is a redirect, an old metadata page, approval or other subpage still exists, probably left from a previous move)
      • The article (and all associated subpages) should be moved to "Basename (disambiguation)".
      • The basename should be redirected to the disambiguation page.
      • Once the move has been done, the "Definition (to be deleted)" link can be used to add a {{speedydelete}} template to the old definition.
    • If basename is blue italic (and bold too), this means:
      • If a "Definition" link exists, it should be used to add a {{speedydelete}} template to the old definition (the template should also be applied to any remaining old subpages).
      • Now, there are four possible situations:
        1. A redirect exists, although not necessarily to the disambiguated term. Please make sure it points to "Basename (disambiguation)".
        2. It is already a disambiguation page and needs to be moved (with all subpages) to the the correct location of "Basename (disambiguation)"
        3. It is an article without subpages (rarer). This page needs to be moved (with all subpages) to "Basename (disambiguation)", to where the page at "Basename" should redirect.
        4. "Basename (disambiguation)" is correctly set up. Please check whether "Basename" redirects to it. Thanks! Now, you can go on with the next item on this page or create content for any of the pages you just set up. Have fun!

Ways to get bot or template assistance for moving clusters of pages (i.e. with all subpages) are currently being investigated and will be documented here once they become available.

Example for disambiguated terms

Help with disambiguations

Disambiguations (or the lack thereof) pose a serious challenge to automated language processing. Consequently, a number of tools have been developed to help with this. For the purposes at CZ, the Princeton WordNet Gloss Corpus has proven useful, even though it (naturally?) lacks in distinctions at specialist level.

Multi-use terms

Current definition is: A binary mathematical operation of summing numbers or quantities together.
Current definition is: A gathering, or coming-together of a group or plurality of persons for some shared purpose; A characteristic act of voluntary association. Freedom of association and of assembly are guaranteed under the same section (Section 20) of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.