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This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the same or a similar title.
  • External Article Paper (material): A type of material made of flat sheets of dried, fibrous substances, but most commonly refers to those made from wood pulp. [e]
  • Developing Article Newspaper: Periodical publications presenting current news and commentary on politics, government, business, sport and other matters of public interest. [e]
  • Stub Scientific article: The most common unit of formal communication in a scientific context, typically describing a piece of new scientific research, or providing an overview about the state of research on a specific topic. [e]
  • An academic paper, such as:
  • A research article, report, project or essay ("A paper on . . . the history of the three-legged race”)
  • A published, peer-reviewed article
  • Educational documents: "Term Papers", "Exam Papers"


  • Plural of any of above, except that plural sheets of the material are usually pieces of paper
  • The archived work of a notable personality (“The Papers of Bozo the Clown at the University of ___”)
  • Government documents: “Westminster Papers”; “Parliamentary Papers”; "White Paper"
  • Collected works about an individual, e.g., "Presidential Papers"
  • Official documents identifying a person's identity such as a passport or ID card, e.g., “Show me your papers”