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The resolution

Whereas, Citizendium needs to renew and extend its recruitment efforts;

Whereas, Citizendium needs to attract contributors that will provide high quality, accurate, and timely information;

Whereas, inviting professors and their students to contribute content to Citizendium is a highly appropriate method for satisfying both above mentioned goals;

Resolved, That the Council adopts the Eduzendium initiative as one of its official recruitment efforts and that Sorin Adam Matei is selected as its leader, with the title Academic Content Coordinator.

Method of execution

  • Sorin Adam Matei will take the necessary measures to generate the materials needed for the recruitment process and will invite prospective professors and student to collaborate with Citizendium.


No amendments yet


Current status




Before it is added to the Agenda, these sponsors, but only these sponsors, may edit the text of the resolution. After it is added to the Agenda, it cannot be edited by anyone except via the amendment process.

Resolution history

  • Proposed: May 31, 9:08 PM UTC
  • Entered queue: Bypassed
  • Entered initial discussion: June 01, 6:40 PM UTC
  • Entered public discussion: June 14, 5:00 PM UTC
  • Entered voting on resolution: July 24, 7:49 AM UTC
  • Close of voting on resolution: July 28, 5:30 AM UTC

The Editorial Council was merged with the Management Council into a single governing body in 2013. All EC rules and decisions were upheld
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