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status in late 2007

Hi -- as you can see, this article is at the moment largely the same as the wikipedia's -- I have completely rewritten the section on History, and tried to clear up the muddle of other sections. What I'd really like is for someone in geography or oceanography to tackle these -- anyone onboard? Russell Potter 07:39, 31 October 2006 (CST)

Which Canadian ports to list?

I suggest that Inuvik be removed from the list of major seaports. I don't believe that Inuvik has any port facilities.

A consortium is planning a deepwater port in Bathurst Inlet, to provide more convenient access to half a dozen mines, currently serviced only by a winter ice road form Yellowknife. This port wouldn't connect to the North American rail grid or highway grid. I don't think this port should be included on the list now, and possibly not even if and when it is in operation, because it does not connect to the grids.

Several mines on Islands in the Canadian Arctic archipelago have or had deep water ports. Like Bathurst Inlet they don't connect to the grid. So I am don't think they should be mentioned on the list.

Nanisivik, on Baffin Island, the former site of a mine, is supposed to have its deep water port rehabilitated to serve Canadian patrol vessels in the Northwest passage. It sounds like its port facilities will be just large enough to service a single patrol vessel. So, once it is built, I question whether it belongs.

Cheers! George Swan 17:33, 4 November 2008 (UTC)