Bathurst Inlet

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Orthographic projection over Bathurst Inlet, Nunavut.
Lambert Projection showing Bathurst Inlet, Nunavut, and environs.

Bathurst Inlet is a deep inlet on the Arctic Ocean. The inlet is located on the North coast of North America, the territory of Nunavut, Canada. The region is very sparsely settled.

Plans for a deep-water port

A consortium of seven mining companies are sponsoring envirnonmental impact studies to construct a deep-water port in Bathurst Inlet.[1][2] Their plans include building a 211 kilometer road connecting the port to their mines. The port would serve vessels of up to 25,000 tonnes.

A plan referred to the Nunavut Impact Review Board in May 2004 projected a capacity to moore vessels of up to 50,000 tonnes.[3] In this earlier plan the Bathurst Inlet Road would be an ice road, like that from Yellowknife, not an all-weather road as in post-2005 proposals, following the failure of the ice road to freeze early enough to allow transport of a whole year's worth of supplies.[1][2][4]

Members of the Consortium
Corporation mine site notes
Sabina Silver Corporation Hackett River Silver and Zinc
Zinifex Limited Izok Lake Copper and Zinc
Rio Tinto Incorporated Diavik Diamond Mine Diamonds
Miramar Mining
Dundee Precious Metals
BHP Billiton

Environmental issues

Environmental groups have raised concerns over the impact the road would have on the annual migration of the Bathurst Caribou herd.[5][6]