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See also: U.S. customary units

The yard (abbreviation: yd) is a unit of length in the Imperial and U.S. customary systems of measurement. It is equal to precisely three feet or 36 inches. 220 yards make a furlong, of which eight make a mile, therefore meaning that 1760 yards is equal to one mile.

The length of an inch in SI units is 2.54 cm exact. Hence the yard is equal to 0.9144 m (= 36×0.0254 m) exact.

The yard is used today in a wide range of applications in the United States. It is also used in the United Kingdom, where it is the standard unit for displaying distances on roadsigns of less than half a mile. It is illegal for British road signs to display a distance in metres, and this has lead to incidents of anti-metric campaigners using the law to physically remove or disfigure metric roadsigns.

One yard is equal to;