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Welcome to the Citizendium! We hope you will contribute boldly and well. Here are pointers for a quick start. You'll probably want to know how to get started as an author. Just look at CZ:Getting Started for other helpful "startup" links, and CZ:Home for the top menu of community pages. Be sure to stay abreast of events via the Citizendium-L (broadcast) mailing list (do join!) and the blog. Please also join the workgroup mailing list(s) that concern your particular interests. You can test out editing in the sandbox if you'd like. If you need help to get going, the forums is one option. That's also where we discuss policy and proposals. You can ask any constable for help, too. Me, for instance! Just put a note on their "talk" page. Again, welcome and have fun! Hayford Peirce 16:49, 11 April 2010 (UTC)

Welcome again!

Hi, Rein, glad to see that you have jumped right in. And please be sure to join our Forum discussions (see the left-hand side of this page for a link to them), where you'll have to register again -- just the way the wiki system works, I'm afraid. When you make comments on talk pages, please sign your name at the end simply by typing in four ~ (tilde) in a row -- this will generate your name and a link to it, so that others can see who you are. Thanks! Hayford Peirce 17:59, 11 April 2010 (UTC)

Some ideas for contributions

Tere Rein,

ほんとに いらっしゃいませ. 私も言葉がとても好きです。

Hayford has already given you some hints as to how things work here in general, and I wish to add some more practical suggestions on what possibilities you have to contribute. For a start, I just took some of the keywords from the information you supplied upon registration, and display below the current state of related CZ articles (for icon documentation, see Template:Rpl/Doc):

  • Developed Article Linguistics [r]: The scientific study of language. [e]
  • Approved Article Literature [r]: The profession of “letters” (from Latin litteras), and written texts considered as aesthetic and expressive objects. [e]
    • Literary theory [r]: Add brief definition or description
    • Developing Article Poetry [r]: A form of literary work which uses rhythm, metre, and sound elements (such as assonance or dissonance) to structure, amplify, and in some instances supplant the literal meanings of words. [e]
    • Developing Article Novel [r]: A work of prose fiction of extended length. [e]
    • Developing Article Short story [r]: A short work of fiction. [e]
    • Stub Epic [r]: A type of poem, usually describing the heroic exploits of a character with a narrative story important to the culture and history of a people. [e]
  • Developing Article Japan [r]: East Asian country of about 3,000 islands; one of the world's largest economies; population about 125,000,000. [e]
  • Japanese studies [r]: Add brief definition or description
  • Developing Article Japanese language [r]: (日本語 Nihongo), Japonic language spoken mostly in Japan; Japonic family's linguistic relationship to other tongues yet to be established, though Japanese may be related to Korean; written in a combination of Chinese-derived characters (漢字 kanji) and native hiragana (ひらがな) and katakana (カタカナ) scripts; about 125,000,000 native speakers worldwide. [e]
  • East Asia [r]: Region comprising China, Japan, North Korea, South Korea and Taiwan; also defined in cultural terms, with these nations historically or at present sharing writing systems, philosophical modes of thought, and other relationships (population about 1,600,000,000). [e]
Эсть другой участник, кто закончил ЛГУ и стал профессором: математик Борис Цирельсон.

In order to find articles dealing with similar topics, it's also worth looking at the Related Article subpages of such an article (or the [r]).

Furthermore, in case you are involved in homework assignments, please consider doing so via Eduzendium articles.

Finally, you can help future newcomers by giving your feedback on the above suggestions. To do so, please leave a note on my talk page.

Looking forward to fruitful collaborative editing, --Daniel Mietchen 20:25, 11 April 2010 (UTC)

PS: Another way to sign your comments is to press this button that appears on top of your edit window.

Geez, I didn't know that! --Hayford Peirce 20:33, 11 April 2010 (UTC)