The Dead Weather

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The Dead Weather
Years active 2009-Present
Status Active
Origin Nashville
Music genre(s) Alternative rock
Members Jack White
Alison Mosshart
Dean Fertita
Jack LAwrence

The Dead Weather is a "a death-rattle blues quartet" formed in Nashville, Tennessee in 2009. Formed by Jack White of the White Stripes and the Raconteurs, the band is comprised of VV (Alison Mosshart) of the Kills, on guitar and vocals; Dean Fertita of Queens of the Stone Age, on guitar and organ; Little Jack (Jack Lawrence) of the Raconteurs and the Greenhornes, on bass; and Jack White on drums and vocals. The band was revealed, and performed for the first time, at the opening of Third Man Records' Nashville headquarters on March 11, 2009, immediately before releasing their debut single "Hang You from the Heavens".

Studio albums

Horehound is the Dead Weather's debut solo album, released on July 10, 2009 in Australia, July 13 in Europe, and July 14 in North America. The album was recorded at Third Man Studios during a three-week session in January 2009.

Track listing

# TitleWriter(s) Length
1. "60 Feet Tall"  Dean Fertita/Alison Mosshart 5:33
2. "Hang You from the Heavens"  Fertita/Mosshart 3:39
3. "I Cut Like a Buffalo"  Jack White 3:28
4. "So Far from Your Weapon"  Mosshart 3:40
5. "Treat Me Like Your Mother"  Fertita/Jack Lawrence/Mosshart/White 4:10
6. "Rocking Horse"  Mosshart/White 2:59
7. "New Pony"  Bob Dylan 3:58
8. "Bone House"  Fertita/Lawrence/Mosshart/White 3:27
9. "3 Birds"  Fertita/Lawrence/Mosshart/White 3:45
10. "No Hassle Night"  Mosshart/White 2:56
11. "Will There Be Enough Water?"  Fertita/White 6:20

Bonus tracks

# TitleWriter(s) Length
12. "Outside (iTunes pre-order only)"  The Downliners Sect  


# TitleWriter(s) Length
1. "Hang You from the Heavens"  Fertita/Mosshart 3:39
2. "Treat Me Like Your Mother"  Fertita/Jack Lawrence/Mosshart/White 4:10

Band members

Jack White

Jack White formed the White Stripes in 1997, and they went on to have a string of critically acclaimed albums, with their third, White Blood Cells, catapulting them to international stardom. In 2005, White became a founding member of the rock band the Raconteurs. In 2009, he became a founding member of his third group, the Dead Weather. Jack White plays drums, and provides vocals for the Dead Weather.

Alison Mosshart

"VV" Alison Mosshart started her musical career in 1995 with the Florida punk rock outfit Discount, which disbanded in 2000. She then co-founded the Kills with British guitarist Jamie Hince in 2000. Alison Mosshart plays guitar and provides vocals for the Dead Weather.

Dean Fertita

Dean Fertita is currently the keyboard player for the hard rock band Queens of the Stone Age. He was also a touring member of the Raconteurs for the Broken Boy Soldiers album. Dean Fertita plays guitar and organ for the Dead Weather.

Jack Lawrence

"Little Jack" Jack Lawrence plays bass guitar in the Raconteurs, the Greenhornes and the Dead Weather.