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The statvolt (symbol statV) is the unit of electric potential and electromotive force in the Gaussian and cgs-esu (centimeter-gram-second electrostatic) system of units.

One statvolt is defined as the potential difference between two points such that the amount of work needed to transport one statcoulomb (statC) of electric charge from one point to the other is one erg, or 1 statV = 1 erg/statC.

Since 1 statC = 1 coulomb/(10⋅c) with the speed of light c ≈ 3⋅108 m/s and 1 erg = 10−7 joule, it follows that volt = joule/coulomb = 107/(3⋅109) erg/statC = 1/300 statV or one statV is approximately 300 V (volt).


1 statV = 1⋅10−6c  V where c is the numerical value of the speed of light expressed in m/s. (I.e., 1 statV is approximately 300 V, or exactly 299.792458 V)