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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Revolver.
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Parent topics

  • Firearm [r]: Device, often designed to be used as a weapon, which projects either single or multiple projectiles at high velocity, using the energy of gases generated by a controlled explosion. [e]
  • Gun [r]: Either a general term for firearm, or a type of artillery with a relatively long barrel with respect to caliber, giving the projectile a fairly flat trajectory [e]
  • Small arms [r]: A firearm, for sporting or military use, intended to be carried and operated by a single person [e]


  • Magazine (firearms) [r]: In current use, a reservoir, capable of being attached to a weapon, which holds ready-to-use ammunition. Historically has been used for ready-use ammunition storage points or long-term ammunition storage and maintenance facilities [e]
  • Shot [r]: Projectiles that are made of solid metal, without an explosive filling [e]
  • Belt (clothing) [r]: An articles of clothing worn around the waist to support a pair of pants (trousers). [e]
  • Pearl Hart [r]: (1871-1956?) Cowgirl and outlaw; one of few female stagecoach robbers in the American Wild West. [e]
  • Gunpowder [r]: Generically, a low explosive used as a propellant, now smokeless powder; the older black powder was used as a warhead filler before the invention of high explosives; also used in pyrotechnics [e]

Other related topics

  • Rifle [r]: Primarily a shoulder-filed individual weapon, used for hunting, target shooting, and infantry combat; the term may also apply to larger artillery pieces with rifled barrels that impart stabilizing spin to their projectiles [e]
  • Shotgun [r]: An individual weapon used in sport, police, or military applications, generally firing multiple small projectiles ("shot") rather than a single bullet [e]
  • Hit-to-kill [r]: The infliction of damage by a weapon, which does not depend on other than mechanical energy transfer. At the low end, it can be as simple as a bullet hitting a nonmoving target, and at the high end, it can include the immense energies of a collision between an incoming ballistic missile and an intercept vehicle. It is a subset of kinetic kill, which includes explosives and other physically destructive "hard kill" mechanisms. [e]
  • Machine gun [r]: A firearm capable not only of full-automatic fire, but with additional features, such as large ammunition supply mechanisms, barrel cooling or quick-change features, etc., that lets it fire for prolonged periods [e]
  • Bill of Rights (United States) [r]: The first ten amendments to the U.S. Constitution which were ratified in 1791 to preserve select rights for citizens. [e]
  • Semi-automatic (military) [r]: A firearm that loads and fires once for each pull of the trigger [e]