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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Parallel computation.
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  • Bandwidth [r]: In engineering, the length between two cut-off frequencies, as measured in hertz. [e]
  • Brute force attack [r]: An attempt to break a cipher by trying all possible keys; long enough keys make this impractical. [e]
  • Client-server [r]: A protocol model for networking, in which the client always initiates requests for service, and the server only responds to request [e]
  • Compiler [r]: A program that translates a human-readable instructions into machine instructions. [e]
  • Distributed computing [r]: A strategy for improving the speed of highly parallelizable tasks by distributing pieces of the problem across many computers that together form a distributed computing system, e.g. BOINC, SETI@home. [e]
  • Erlang (programming language) [r]: Programming language designed by Joe Armstrong at Ericsson for concurrency and stability especially in mission-critical telecommunications systems. Now used widely for multi-threaded concurrent applications. [e]
  • Multi-core [r]: Add brief definition or description
  • Programming language [r]: A formal language specification, and programs for translating the formal language to machine code. [e]