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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about National Rifle Association.
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Parent topics

  • Interest group [r]: An organization that seeks to represent its members' interests, usually by seeking to influence political and/or public policy outcomes. [e]
  • Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution [r]: That Amendment to the Constitution of the United States addressing the "right to keep and bear arms", usually interpreted as referring to firearms [e]
  • Small arms [r]: A firearm, for sporting or military use, intended to be carried and operated by a single person [e]
  • Infantry [r]: Soldiers that directly confront the enemy, overcoming them with fire and maneuver while on foot or in specialized vehicles [e]



Board of Directors

Term expires in 2010

Term expires in 2011

Term expires in 2012

Other related topics

Historical figures

Military shooting

Issues of concern to NRA

Legislation of concern to NRA