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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Language planning.
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Parent topics

  • Linguistics [r]: The scientific study of language. [e]
  • Sociolinguistics [r]: Branch of linguistics concerned with language in social contexts - how people use language, how it varies, how it contributes to users' sense of identity, etc. [e]
  • Multilingualism [r]: The state of knowing two or more languages, either in individuals or whole speech communities. [e]


  • Lingua franca [r]: Any language used for widespread communication between groups who do not share a native language or where native speakers are typically in the minority; name from 'Lingua Franca', a pidgin once used around the Mediterranean. [e]
  • Official language [r]: one given political recognition in a region, usually a state, and typically used in politics and law. [e]
  • Standard language [r]: Versatile variety of a language that is able to perform the highest functions for communication in a society, that serves as a reference and that represents the whole language beyond its dialects. [e]
  • Pluricentric language [r]: Language with different standard varieties, originating from different states (sometimes from different regions, dialects or communities), without precluding the unity of the language. [e]

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