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A list of key readings about Joan of Arc, memory of.
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  • DeVries, Kelly, Joan of Arc, a Military Leader, (1999). ISBN 0-7509-1805-5. An examination of Joan's life and career with particular emphasis on the military aspects of the events of her life and her role as a military leader and leader of men in battle.
  • DeVries, Kelly. "Joan of Arc." Military History, Jan/Feb 2008, Vol. 24, Issue 10 online at EBSCO Academic Search Premier
  • Daniel Hobbins (translator), The Trial of Joan of Arc. Harvard University Press (2005), ISBN 0-674-02405-2. The contemporary record of Joan of Arc's trial at Rouen is critical to our knowledge about Joan. This book provides a translation of the transcript of that Trial together with an introduction discussing the background to the Trial as well as the nature of the available Trial records. At present, it is the best available record in English of Joan of Arc's Trial.
  • Pernoud, Régine. Joan of Arc, by Herself and Her Witnesses. (1994). ISBN 0-8128-1260-3.
  • Pernoud, Régine and Marie Veronique-Clin. Joan of Arc: Her Story (1998). ISBN 0-312-21442-1.
  • Richey, Stephen. Joan of Arc: the Warrior Saint. (2003). ISBN 0275981037.
  • Spoto, Donald. Joan: the Mysterious Life of the Heretic who became a Saint. (2007). ISBN 0-06-081517-5. Biography of Joan by a theologian who gives particular attention to the spiritual aspects of Joan's life and faith.
  • Warner, Marina, Joan of Arc, the Image of Female Heroism, University of California Press (2000), ISBN 0-520-22464-7. Based on the life of Joan of Arc, the author examines the Joan's legacy, that is, the question as to how succeeding generations have viewed her and shaped her to their own image, whether it be that of Joan the Saint, virgin, martyr, warrior, hero, Amazon, French patriot, etc.
  • Wheeler, Bonnie and Charles T. Wood, (editors), Fresh Verdicts on Joan of Arc, (1996), ISBN 0-8153-3664-0. A number of interpretative essays by noted medieval scholars about various aspects of Joan of Arc and her life. The essays include, inter alia, studies on her interrogation at Poitiers, her crossdressing, her voices, Christine de Pizan, Joan and the Amazons, and her rehabilitation Trial.
  • Wilson-Smith, Timothy. Joan of Arc: Maid, Myth, and History, (2006), ISBN 0-7509-4341-6. Biography of Joan together with a lengthy section on how Joan has been viewed and interpreted by subsequent historians and others.