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Discography of Jimmy Page.

The following is the discography of the artist Jimmy Page.

Early recordings

  • 'She Just Satisfies'/'Keep Moving' (February 1965)

Studio albums

EPs and singles

  • 1988: 'Wasting My Time' / 'Writes of Winter' (Canada: Geffen Pro 78217)
  • 1988: 'Wasting My Time' / 'Writes of Winter' (Germany: Geffen 927821-7 PS with Promo Letter)
  • 1988: 'Wasting My Time' / 'Writes of Winter' (Japan: Geffen P2414)

Led Zeppelin

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For complete recordings with Coverdale-Page, see Coverdale-Page/Discography.

Jimmy Page and Robert Plant

For complete recordings with Jimmy Page and Robert Plant, see Jimmy Page and Robert Plant/Discography.