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Years active 1991 - 1993
Status Defunct
Origin London, England
Music genre(s) Rock
Members David Coverdale
Jimmy Page
Denny Carmassi
Ricky Phillips
Lester Mendel

Coverdale-Page (sometimes written Coverdale • Page) was a collaboration musical ensemble|band featuring Whitesnake lead vocalist David Coverdale, and former Led Zeppelin and The Firm (band)|the Firm guitarist Jimmy Page.


Rumours continued to persist about an impending Led Zeppelin reunion, and come the early 1990s, it appeared as though it would finally come to fruition. However, when former singer Robert Plant began to have cold feet concerning the reunion, the plan was placed on hold. As a result, Page united with Coverdale. The project officially began in 1991, however, no recordings were issued until 1993, when an eleven track eponymous debut album, Coverdale-Page (album)|Coverdale-Page was released. They also released five single (music)|singles: 'Pride and Joy', 'Shake My Tree', 'Take Me for a Little While', 'Take a Look at Yourself' and 'Over Now'. This studio album marked a return to commercial success for Page since his days with Led Zeppelin. Rumours emerged that Coverdale and Page would be joined by John Paul Jones (musician)|John Paul Jones and Jason Bonham in a reformed Led Zeppelin, but this did not pan out.

The duo's touring band consisted of Guy Pratt on bass guitar, Denny Carmassi on drums, and Brett Tuggle on keyboards. Coverdale Page performed a series of shows in Japan during December of 1993, with a set list that included selections from their debut recording, as well as classics from Whitesnake ('Still of the Night', 'Here I Go Again', etc.) and of course, Led Zeppelin ('Rock and Roll (Led Zeppelin song)|Rock and Roll', 'Kashmir (song)|Kashmir', 'Black Dog', etc.). However, sluggish tickets sales for a subsequent world tour resulted in the partnership being dissolved. Page then teamed up with Plant for the Jimmy Page and Robert Plant 'UnLedded' MTV project and Coverdale re-appeared from time to time with different Whitesnake line-ups.