Ithaca, Greece

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This article is about Ithaca, Greece. For other uses of the term Ithaca, please see Ithaca (disambiguation).
The Ionian sea island of Ithaca.
In this map of Italy, the island of Cefalonia can be seen in the lower right, and the smaller island of Ithaca lies just to its northeast.

Ithaca, Greece is an island, population 3231, located in the Ionian Sea to the west of continental Greece and identified as the home of Odysseus, the main character of Homer's classical Greek poem The Odyssey. The island has an area of 96 sq km (37 sq mi). It is one of the smallest of the seven main Ionian Islands. It is situated just off the northeast of the much larger island Cefalonia.

For more details, see the Wikipedia article Ithaca (island).