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George Farmer
Born 1991[1]
Occupation hedge fund manager
Political party Brexit Party

George Farmer a hedge fund manager from the United Kingdom.[2]

When he attended the University of Oxford he was a member of the notorious Bullingdon Club.[2] Club members main shared activity is vandalizing high end restaurants during drunken debauches. Club membership is by invitation only, and by long-standing tradition, only the sons of the wealthy and privileged are considered. Former members include David Cameron and Boris Johnson, who both became Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Farmer married Candace Owens, a supporter of Donald Trump, at a Trump estate, on August 31, 2019.[2] The pair have two children.

Farmer's father, Michae Farmer, is a self-made man, who made his fortune in the metals markets, and sits in the House of Lords.[2]


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