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  • Acoustic energy [r]: Energy propagated as pressure waves, through elastic media such as air or water. Hearing is the detection of acoustic energy within the frequency range of the animal detecting the energy [e]
  • Electromagnetic spectrum [r]: The range of electromagnetic waves covering all frequencies and wavelengths. [e]
  • Electromagnetic wave [r]: A change, periodic in space and time, of an electric field E(r,t) and a magnetic field B(r,t); a stream of electromagnetic waves, referred to as electromagnetic radiation, can be seen as a stream of massless elementary particles, named photons. [e]
  • Periodic processes [r]: Add brief definition or description
  • Vibrational spectrum [r]: The set of frequencies exhibited by regular, periodic motions of the parts of a mechanical system relative to one another that persist once excited without requiring an external driving agency. [e]

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