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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Earthquake.
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  • Acceleration [r]: The increase of an objects velocity (or speed) per unit time. [e]
  • Afghanistan [r]: A Islamic republic in Central Asia, with an unstable but elected government; borders China, Iran, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan [e]
  • Architecture [r]: The art and technique of designing and constructing buildings to fulfill both practical and aesthetic purposes. [e]
  • Earth science [r]: The study of the components and processes of the planet Earth. [e]
  • Environmental geography [r]: Examines interlinkages between human and natural systems. [e]
  • Geophysics [r]: The study of the Earth by quantitative physical methods, namely seismic, magnetic, electrical, electromagnetic, thermal and radioactivity methods. [e]
  • God [r]: Supreme, supernatural entity, often credited with omnipotence, omniscience and rulership of the universe. [e]
  • Going to California [r]: A 1971 folk rock song written and recorded by Led Zeppelin, and released off Led Zeppelin IV. [e]
  • Hazards [r]: Branch of environmental geography that includes study of human-made, environmental, and blended disasters. [e]
  • Japan [r]: East Asian country of about 3,000 islands; one of the world's largest economies; population about 125,000,000. [e]
  • Kerala [r]: A State of south-western India. [e]
  • Miracle [r]: The beneficent intervention by a supernatural being—usually a god—in the normal workings of the universe. [e]
  • Mount Ararat [r]: Add brief definition or description
  • Plate tectonics [r]: Theory that explains geological phenomena such as seismicity, volcanism, continental drift, and mountain building in terms of the formation, destruction, movement, and interaction of the earth's lithospheric plates. [e]
  • Royal Dutch Meteorological Institute [r]: The Dutch national weather forecasting service and also the national research and information centre for climate change, air pollution dispersion modeling and seismology. [e]
  • Tide [r]: The rising or falling of an ocean due to tidal forces. [e]
  • Wind [r]: The movement of air produced by a change in heat on the earth's surface. [e]