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The discussion in this cluster raises a number of interesting and debatable issues, such as:

  • Why should anyone care about this usage? Is it just a tempest in a teapot?
  • Why is it that Democrats might consider the term "Democrat Party" to be an insult, or slur?
  • Why do you suppose Republicans choose to use the term? Is it just to annoy Democrats or is there some other reason?
  • Is a political party or faction under any legal or moral obligation to call the opposition by the name the opponents choose for themselves?
  • Are there other instances in which one political party or faction uses demeaning or pejorative terms for their opposition?
  • Is the fact that the independent candidate Ralph Nader also began using the term recently a sign that the label is catching on?
  • Should Democrats respond in kind and adopt the term used by President Bush: "Republic Party"?
  • Is using "Democrat" without the final "ic" ungrammatical?