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Developed by Panic, Inc
Software type Web Development Environment
Initial release 1.0.0, 23rd April 2007
Latest release 1.6.4, 10th April 2009
Source model Closed Source
Supported OSes Mac OS X

Coda is a web development application developed by Panic. Like all Panic software, Coda is only available for Mac OS X.

Unlike many amateur web development applications such as Adobe Dreamweaver and Microsoft Frontpage, Coda does not feature a WYSIWYG editor. Instead, it is aimed at professional web developers and as such its main view is an advanced text editor with syntax highlighting, autocompletion. Other features include a visual CSS editor similar to CSSEdit, a built-in preview powered the WebKit rendering engine used in browsers such as Safari and Google Chrome and featuring a DOM inspector and a Javascript console, a built-in terminal, and access to an online reference library.