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Google Chrome
Created by Google
Developed by Google
Software type Web browser
Initial release Sept 2008
Source model Mostly open source
Licence Google Chrome TOS
Supported OSes Windows

Google Chrome is a web browser developed by Google. Most of the code for Chrome is released in the form of Google's open source Chromium project, but Chrome itself contains closed-source components.

Chrome is designed to be clean and fast, and uses a new JavaScript engine called V8. The key technical innovation is that each tab in the browser is a separate process, meaning that badly-written scripts running in one tab do not affect other tabs[1]. Somewhat unusally, Google announced Chrome by producing a comic book illustrating the features and design of the browser[2], and have produced a behind-the-scenes video [3].

The open source code base used in Chrome is called 'Chromium' and is released under the BSD License[4]. Chromium and Chrome are based on WebKit, an open-source HTML renderer, which is used in the Safari (browser), the iPhone and Android, Google's handheld platform.