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All official announcements from the Management Council will be made here as well as on the forum. Announcements are categorised by type, with the most recent at the top.

Personnel Announcements

Technical Lead appointment

29th October 2010 - The MC is pleased to announce the appointment of Greg Sabino Mullane as technical lead.

Constable appointment

28th October 2010 - The MC is pleased to announce the appointment of Anton Sweeney as Constable.

Chief Constable Emeritus appointment

27th October 2010 - The MC is pleased to announce that Ruth Ifcher has been appointed Chief Constable Emeritus, the duties of which are that the Chief Constable Emeritus is to remain available for consultation by the MC or Constabulary on matters pertaining to the Constabulary.

Management Council Chairman appointment

26th October 2010 - As per an email discussion and vote, the Management Council has unanimously elected Russell D. Jones as its chair.

Chief Constable appointment

25th October 2010 - Article 27 of the Charter requires the Management Council to appoint a Chief Constable. As a member of the Management Council, as well as a former Constable, I am pleased to officially announce that we have unanimously agreed to appoint D. Matt Innis as Chief Constable with immediate effect.

This act also ends Ruth Ifcher's appointment as Chief Constable. I would like to publicly thank her, both personally and on behalf of the Management Council, for her years of service and hard work to Citizendium. Although most of her work was behind the scenes, she has remained dedicated and a source of inspiration and support to all Constables.

We have not yet appointed any other Constables, or reviewed the Constabulary status of any current Constable. We shall do this in the near future in conjunction with the new Chief Constable. Also, as we now have an active Constable once again Chris Key shall stop performing Constable duties as he has been doing in this brief interim period.

Technical Announcements

Method of communication with the Management Council

3rd November 2010 - Instructions for communicating with the Management Council can now be found on the Management Council wiki page.

Creation of a wiki-space for the Editorial Council

29th October 2010 - MC authorize the Technical Lead or other individual to create a wiki-space on the CZ servers for the use of the Editorial Council as per the instructions from the Secretary of the EC.