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Participation in Encyclopedia-like Projects

Ruth Ifcher was an early participant in Nupedia, Wikipedia, and Citizendium. At Nupedia, she was Chief Copy Editor. At Wikipedia, she was an "admin." Here, she is Acting Chief Constable.


Ruth Ifcher has a Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics. She holds Masters' Degrees in Mathematics and Linguistics. She has been a Systems Analyst for a brokerage house for a number of years. Further, she teaches Mathematics part-time at CUNY.


Ruth Ifcher studied Japanese for four years for her Linguistics Degree and maintains her interest in the Japanese language and culture. Her other interests include Economics and Classics.

To Do

  • Review all articles on Abstract Algebra.
  • Review all articles on Japanese Language
  • Write a new article
  • Revise a Wikipedia article

  • Evaluate Help pages
  • Add Personnel Functions for Constables to Policy Pages
  • Article Approval [[1]]
  • Article Approval Process [[2]]

  • Wikiformatting [[3]]