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Name Short term plan Longer-term plan Roles in the system
31. Anton Sweeney
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(1) More expansion of Adoption (2) Ireland-related articles (3) Hunt down mailing lists to promote CZ (4) CZ:Monthly Write-a-Thon! (1) Author (2) Constable (3) Wiki-converter volunteer
32. Miguel Adérito Trigueira
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33. Nathan Tuggy
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(1) Finish fixing up List of languages using the .NET Framework (1) Bring Bayesian message classification and Free Software Foundation out of Computers External. (2) Get Visual Basic from zero to approved. (1) Copyeditor/wikifier (2) Researcher (3) Sometime author
34. Louise Valmoria
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(1) CZ:Cleanup (2) Prague (3) European Community Law (4) Finish up what I am working on in my sandbox (5) Chemical element pages need writing (1) take a monthly stat check of mailing list usage (2) Keep track of CZ:Proposals/Internationalisation sandbox (3) assist with workgroup coordination / communications (4) work out a visual representation of EU institutions (5) look at assisting the CZ:Media Assets Workgroup if I can (1) Mailing List Manager (2) Wiki-Converter Coordinator (3) Author
35. David E. Volk
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(1) antibiotics articles (2) decide what goes into chem_infobox (3) biosynthesis sections for all 20 amino acids (1) Work on more Music articles (2) Work on steroid and all related articles (1) Editorial Council member (2) Editorial Personnel Administrator (EPA) (3) Chemistry Editor/Author (4) Biology Editor/Author (5) Music Author
36. Elaine Wang
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(1) Continue stub-making Biology core articles (2) Topic-informant for ASD related articles? (1) Start as many stubs as possible in Biology/Chemistry (2) Create/expand Special Education coverage (US version) (1) Stub-starter
37. Dawn Wright
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(1) create up to 5 articles for Geography workgroup in 2008 (1) geography workgroup author when time allows
38. David Yamakuchi
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