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Citizendium Status - All Citizens
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Name Short term plan Longer-term plan Roles in the system
21. Russ McGinn
[edit all]
(1) Research the Queen's House, Greenwich (2) Write up the article
22. Daniel Mietchen
[edit all]
(1) Testing widgets for the MediaWiki Extension:Widget (2) Help with setting up video tutorials (1) Grow a set of articles around brain morphometry (2) Help with CZ:Core Articles (3) Help with CZ:Bot policy (4) Streamlining the CZ:Approval Process (5) Help with CZ:Templates (1) Editor
23. Petréa Mitchell
[edit all]
(1) Write usability articles. (1) Pick up filling in the red links for the French republican calendar. (2) And the Positivist calendar. (3) And the SFWA Grand Masters. (4) Conquer world. (1) Author. (2) Usability advocate. (3) Random roving proofreader. Your page could be struck next! (4) Photographer. Here are some pictures available for anyone to use.
24. Chunbum Park
[edit all]
(1) James B. Palais (2) Yi Sunshin (1) Featured article volunteer
25. Joe Quick
[edit all]
(1) Continue to work (off-wiki) on article about CZ for Carleton College publication. (2) Brainstorm ways to recruit from other networks that I belong to. (3) Think about how to make CZ:Ready for approval work without my constant attention; give it lots of attention until I have an epiphany. (1) Develop (and get approved) a core set of articles about Latin American folk saints. (2) Use folk saint articles to develop a unit teachers could use in schools. (3) Write up plan for producing and promoting lesson plans based on CZ material. (4) Get anthropology into shape and approved. (1) Executive Committee
26. Michael J. Quinn
[edit all]
(1) "Watch" all Tennis articles. (1) Tennis Articles
27. Larry Sanger
[edit all]
(1) Finish drafting dispute resolution plan. (2) Start auto-newsletter. (3) Plan for a late January/February open house. (4) Consider hiring a part-time coder to take care of a long laundry list of small technical improvements. (1) Draft the Citizendium Charter and get it accepted. (2) Spearhead workgroup list revision effort. (3) Find a replacement Editor-in-Chief. (4) Find a suitable academic home for CZ? (1) Editor-in-Chief (2) Editorial Personnel Administrator (3) Editorial Council, nonvoting member (4) Whipping Boy  ;-)
28. Supten Sarbadhikari
[edit all]
(1) Remain an active member of the Citizendium. (1) Chair, Editorial Council (2008-2009) (2) Secretary, Editorial Council (2007-2008) (3) Editorial Personnel Administrator
29. Warren Schudy
[edit all]
(1) Drive external feedback proposal (1) Computers author (2) Compulsive proposer
30. Anthony.Sebastian
[edit all]
(1) Edit work on Life/Draft to qualify it for replacement of approved Life; (2) Continue developing Cognitive science (3) Continue developing Metacognition (4) Work on wiki-converting project issues (1) Rank order developed articles started by me for priority to complete for consideration of approval (1) Author/Editor Biology Workgroup and Health Sciences Workgroup (2) Editorial Council Member (3) Co-coordinator, Wiki-Converting Team
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